department: Management
Campus de Cergy
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Other teaching domain – Organizational Behavior – Human Resources


  • 2001: Ph.D. in Management (Wharton School United States of America)
Other appointments
    • 2015 – 2021 : Associate Dean for PhD program (ESSEC Business School France)
Other Academic Appointments
    • 2012 – 2013 : Visiting Scholar (Columbia University United States of America)
Full-time academic appointments
    • 2009 – Now : Professor (ESSEC Business School France)
    • 2007 – 2009 : Associate Professor (ESSEC Business School France)
    • 2001 – 2006 : Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior (INSEAD France)


  • 2023 : Best International Paper in the Organization and Management Theory division, at the 2023 Academy of Management Meeting, for: “Deep play, work engagement, and creative problem solving in a high-tech organization,” with Jinia Mukerjee (Academy of Management, United States of America)
  • 2015 : 2015 European Research Paper of the year at the conférence CIO CITY 2015 for her article “Beyond Being There: The Symbolic Role of Communication and Identification in Perceptions of Proximity to Geographically Dispersed Colleagues,” (co-written with: Michael Boyer O’Leary and Jeanne M. Wilson).
  • 2014 : Prix Syntec de la Recherche en Management for the article, “Task Bubbles, Artifacts, Shared Emotion, and Mutual Focus of Attention: A Comparative Study of the Microprocesses of Group Commitment” (with Rothbard NP)
  • 2013 : Metiu, Anca and Nancy Rothbard. “Task bubbles, artifacts, shared emotion, and mutual focus of attention: A comparative study of the micro-processes of group engagement,” Organization Science 34(2): 455-475, 2013. Syntec Best Research Paper Award
  • 2008 : Wilson, Jeanne, Michael Boyer O’Leary, Anca Metiu and Quintus Jett. “Perceptions of Proximity in Virtual Work: Explaining the Paradox of ‘Far-but-Close’”, Organization Studies 29(7): 979-1002, 2008. Runner-up for the best published paper award in 2008 – in the Organizational Communication & Information Systems division of the Academy of Management.
  • 2007 : Fayard, Anne-Laure and Anca Metiu. “Beyond Orality and Literacy: Letters and Online Interactions.” Winner, Best Presentation Award at the 2007 Davis Conference on Qualitative Research
  • 1961 : Rosenkopf, Lori, Anca Metiu and Varghese George. “Industry-Wide Technical Organizations as Strategic Antecedents of Alliance Formation”. Winner, Best Paper Award at the TIM Division of the ASAC-IFSAM (Montreal, Canada)

Journal articles

Book chapters

Presentations at an Academic or Professional conference

Thesis co-director

  • 2006 – 2012 : Multiculturals in Organizations: their roles for organizational effectiveness . (ESSEC Business School France)
Research activities
  • Senior or Associate Editor
    • 2011 – 2019: Associate editor – Organization Studies
  • Editorial Board Membership
    • 2008 – Now: Editorial board membership – Organization Science
    • 2008 – 2021: Editorial board membership – Organization Studies
  • Member of an academic association
    • 2001 – Now: Member of Academy of Management
    • 2001 – Now: Member of American Sociological Association
    • 2001 – Now: Member of European Group of Organization Studies
    • 2001 – Now: Member of The European Academy of Management
  • 2009 : CHOWDHURY Imran (ESSEC Business School), Thesis director, Scaling in Social Entreprenurship: Partnerships, Knowledge Transfer, and Business Models
  • 2006 : HONG Hae-Jung (ESSEC Business School), Thesis co-director, Multiculturals in Organizations: their roles for organizational effectiveness .
  • 2008 : MOTEABBED Shora (ESSEC Business School), Thesis director, A theoretical and empirical examination of relational identification: implications for the workplace
  • 2013 : OSTOVAR RAVARI Mahya (ESSEC Business School), Thesis director, Three Essays on social media and societal resistance
  • 2023 : PLETNEVA L. (ESSEC Business School), Thesis director, From grieving to career change: How critical personal events affect professional life