OBLE Frédéric, LOISEL J.P.
This article is based on data from a behavior and attitude study conducted by the CREDOC in June 2000 on a representative sample of French consumers. The study examines consumer behavior and attitudes concerning health risks in food trade. Using factorial analysis and cluster techniques, 6 profiles are identified based on two discriminating variables: – the degree of confidence or mistrust in controls, – the purchasing decision to continue or stop buying the incriminated product.The 6 groups are presented with their socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics. Even if some consumers have a positive view on controls in place, two thirds of consumers are worried about health risks in food and, for different reasons, stop buying food products. In the concluding remarks, the article presents some observations on the importance of labelling and giving sufficient information to customers.
LOISEL, J.P. et OBLE, F. (2002). Une typologie des attitudes vis-à-vis du risque alimentaire. Revue Française du Marketing, pp. 149-168.