Experts often go to great lengths to simplify the compehension of their reports and facilitate the integration of report contents. Yet these efforts remain insufficient from the standpoint of nurturing and framing an open debate on public policy issues that encompasses a variety of rationale and perspectives, all with justifiable claims to be taken into consideration. For this reason, expertise and expert proncouncements must be made more accessible, amidst an underlying need to give legitimacy and credibility to the breadth of actors involved in the policy-making process. The author stresses the value of creating a training program in how to go about opening the public debate: this learning process should not only include knowledge acquisition, but an in-depth reflection on our approach to social interaction as well. Such training in the techniques of shaping and fostering public debate is not to be based on a model striclty focused on upholding the virtues of expertise inthe formal sense. “La Francilienne” CD Rom is an answer to this training need.
DE CARLO, L. (2002). “La Francilienne” : un outil multimédia de formation à la concertation. Métropolis, pp. 91-94.