Weavers Studio, a private textile boutique based in Kolkata, was founded in 1993 by Darshan Shah. Weavers Studio has two main divisions: a for-profit part comprising Weavers Studio’s flagship store, the export arm Veda Commercial, and the production unit Rangeen, and a nonprofit part comprising a textile study centre, a library, and a centre for the arts. The company produces, sells, and exports a wide range of hand-made textile products. Two decades after its founding, Weavers Studio is facing some problems. The company’s positioning needs clarity – luxury, accessible luxury, or premium – as a response to competition. Some key people have left the organization recently and in the absence of a sustainable succession plan, the external threats will only loom larger. With the textile sector in India poised for double digit growth in the coming years, the stakes for Weavers Studio are high. How to develop a sustainable strategy for the for-profit segment that will allow the non-profit part of the business to continue?
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