Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) have been amply discussed in both academic circles and business press. Most of our notion of SHRM are from the work done in the US and from the body of literature known as “High Performance Work Practices”.This paper tries to contribute to the debate by understanding the changes in strategic HRM practices (Role and Structure of HR Department, Recruitment, Retraining & Redeployment, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, and Rightsizing) in France in the last 5 years and try to answer specifically the question of how strategic HRM practices have changed in French organizations to enhance corporate performance. A multi-respondent survey of 28 French organizations are analyzed to find the changes in SHRM in French organizations.The responses yielded a variety of HRM variables relating to role and structure of the HRM department, recruitment, performance appraisal, retraining and redeployment and rightsizing.
CERDIN, J.L. et SOM, A. (2003). Strategic Human Resource Management Practices: An Exploratory Survey of French Organisations. ESSEC Business School.