Few empirical studies have been done to date regarding the role of human resource management during an organizational redesign when it involves strategic initiatives. An extensive in-depth study of four large, complex companies and market leaders in their own industries in France and India supports our belief that the proactive role of human resource management is one of the key success factors in during an organizational redesign process. From an institutionalist framework the study tries to explore the linkage of the environment such as economic, social, political and technological with the institutional structures, rules, norms and practices created by the national organizations. Based on both specific policies and the actual practices the article presents a contingency framework, which offers guidelines as to how organizational redesign, and cultural integration can be achieved by implementation of suitable HRM practices.
SOM, A. (2003). Role of the HRM During Organizational Change: A Comparative Study of Organizations in India and France. Dans: Proceedings of the 19th EGOS Colloquium. Copenhagen Business School.