Quality performance indicators have spread among French hospitals in the last ten years. Yet the use of these indicators by health professionals is still to be explored. This research aims at analyzing the use of the anesthetic record folder indicator. This indicator evaluated the completeness of the information held in the anesthetic record. It is calculated once a year for every hospital. We analyze the use of this indicator by anesthetic professionals through the lens of the activity theory (Rabardel 1995; Lorino 2002). It is based on a qualitative study lead in four hospitals and the observation of meetings between the professional association of anesthetic MD and the national authority for health.
BONNEFOND, J., LORINO, P., GOMEZ, M.L. et ZICARI, A. (2013). Quels usages des indicateurs de performance. Dans: 34ème Congrès de l’Association Francophone de Comptabilité 2013. Association Francophone de Comptabilité (AFC).