France, a paradise for entrepreneurs! What a claim given how often the country has been painted as unfavorable in regards to entrepreneurship. Even if doubts about French bashing have started to emerge, French successes in entrepreneurship are still interpreted as a sum of individual heroic actions. However, France provides one of the best opportunity ecosystems in the world. Entrepreneurs have a broad choice “clusters”, those industries with critical mass to reach excellence, such as fashion, food, high-tech, energy, etc. They also benefit from exceptional success factors such as a rich heritage, outstanding human capital and a world-recognized brand. Its drawbacks, e.g., a bureaucratic administration, labor laws and costs or the tax system, are comparatively less penalizing than expected and definitively not an obstacle for ambitious entrepreneurs. Illustrated by practical examples, this book demonstrates the strength and richness of an ecosystem in full contrast to its traditional stereotype.
CAVARRETTA, F. (2016). Oui ! la France est un paradis pour entrepreneurs. Plon, 275 pages.