Whereas planning remains a major tool for many firms, its effects on the knowledge created, used and restructured by managers is still to be explored. What are the dynamics of knowledge during planning practices? In which way options in planning practices affect these dynamics? In that perspective, this research aims to analyze the nature of organizational knowledge dynamics during planning practices. It capitalizes both on longitudinal case studies of 23 planning processes and on a socio-constructivist perspective based on the dialectic between habitus and practice drawn by the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (1980). This allows a dynamic view of knowledge, which is permanently used, constructed and restructured during practice and for practice and emphasizes the role of artifacts, tools, rules in practice.
GOMEZ, M.L. (2005). Organizational Knowledge Dynamics during Planning Practices. Dans: Proceedings of EGOS Conference, Berlin. European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS).