The transmission of the sense of responsibility confronts two contradictory dynamics: 1) parents’ desire to transmit ways of life and values, a “ready-made” sense with the aim of securing the children’s future, 2) and the necessity to make room for real experiential learnings, occasions for practicing and learning from a free sense of responsibility. We show how the control culture we inherited paradoxically exacerbates this tension. In the context of questioning the notion of authority, it is outlined how little room is left for experiential apprenticeship. Gender relations are surely at the root of this current difficulty, as much as they are possible solutions.
BIBARD, L. (2011). Le sens des responsibilités : Sa transmission intergénérationnelle au sein de la famille. Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels (RIPCO), 17(41), pp. 285-302.