This paper tries to understand the role of innovative HRM strategies and specifically questions how the HRM strategies (Role and Structure of HR Department, Recruitment, Retraining & Redeployment, Performance Appraisal, Compensation, and Rightsizing) enhances corporate performance. A survey of 54 organizations from India were analyzed using various bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques to find a recipe of innovative HR strategies, learning modes and mechanisms which differentiates the high from the low performing organizations undergoing redesign. It was seen that when the sample was dichotomized in terms of performance, the “high” group exhibits innovative HRM strategies notably different than the “low” group.
SOM, A. (2002). Innovating Human Resource Strategies for Redesigning Organisations: Implications for Corporate Performance in the Context of India’s Economic Liberalisation. Dans: Proceedings of the Third Asia Academy of Management in the 1st Century Conference. Financial Management Association (FMA).