Transaction Cost Economics and the Resource Based View of the f rm have been used almost exclusively to guide research on “make or buy” decisions. In this study, I reexamine the determinants of “make or buy” decisions using insights from the organizational identity literature. Specif cally, I ask whether organizational identity enables us to better understand “make or buy” decisions? To answer this question, I created a unique database on the French luxury fragrance industry in the 20th century. Results from statistical analyses conducted on over 100 f rms and 1,200 fragrances indicate that organizational identity explains variance in “make or buy” decisions beyond what is explained by transaction specif c investments and capabilities.
BARTHELEMY, J. (2022). Identité organisationnelle et décisions de ‘faire ou faire faire’ : une étude sur la parfumerie de luxe française. Revue Française de Gestion, 48(302), pp. 87-101.