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Book chapters (2009), Management : tensions d'aujourd'hui, Vuibert, pp. 49-55

Restructuration industrielle et gouvernance client-fournisseur


The restructuring of the aircraft industry had caused major impacts on the value chain and on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-supplier relationships. The research explores a case study about an aero-engine OEM which had to complete the repositioning of its business model on services management. The success of this strategic move was based on a new mode of interfirm governance with its suppliers. This governance moved from a transactional based structure to a more partnership one's. Therefore, the organization of the OEM's purchasing structure and the modes of its supplier control were completely changed.

DONADA, C. and NOGATCHEWSKY, G. (2009). Restructuration industrielle et gouvernance client-fournisseur. In: Management : tensions d'aujourd'hui. 1st ed. Vuibert, pp. 49-55.

Keywords : #Gouvernance-partenariale, #Industrie-aéronautique, #Partenariat, #Relations-clients, #fournisseurs