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Journal articles (2014), Soins Cadres

Performance, du contrôle à l'enquête

The performance of an organization, for example a hospital, is a social judgment about its activity from the point of view of the relationship between the "value" it creates, i.e. the social needs it fulfills, and its "cost", i.e. the resources it consumes to produce that value. It is a complex judgment, torn between goals to reach and the daily experience of ordinary activity, its opportunities and its constraints. Performance management is thus an exploratory process, an ongoing inquiry about collective work practices, which should be undertaken by actors themselves, as experts of their own activity.

LORINO, P. (2014). Performance, du contrôle à l'enquête. Soins Cadres.

Keywords : #Collectif, #Coût, #Enquête, #Performance, #Pilotage, #Valeur