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Journal articles (2005), AGRA Alimentation, pp. 6-8

Dépasser la contrainte prix en innovant

The article analyses the consequences of the "Jacob-Dutreil" law passed in France on August 2005 about minimum prices authorized for food retailers in order to avoid selling at loss. On January 1, 2006, legal minimum consumer's price may be lowered by food retailers by the amount of discount exceeding 20% of the net price invoiced by food manufacturers. The objective of the law is to reduce consumer prices of major food branded products. Food manufacturers are afraid of price pressure from retailers who want to reduce prices while maintaining profit margins. The analysis invites food manufacturers to overcome pressure on prices and to innovate in order to meet consumers' new needs and expectations

DECLERCK, F. (2005). Dépasser la contrainte prix en innovant. AGRA Alimentation, pp. 6-8.