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Working Papers (2008), ESSEC Business School

Beyond Orality and Literacy: Letters and Organizational Communication


We draw on communication theories to study organizational communication from a literacy perspective. We suggest that the current debate over the capability of new media to foster the sharing and development of ideas and allow the expression of emotions, which presupposes face-to-face communication as the ideal form of communication, disappears once we switch the focus from the medium to the modality - written versus oral communication. An analysis of personal and organizational letters illustrates the role played by written communication throughout human history, in exchanging ideas and supporting emotional bonds.

FAYARD, A.L. and METIU, A. (2008). Beyond Orality and Literacy: Letters and Organizational Communication. ESSEC Business School.

Keywords : #Interactions-en-ligne, #Lettres, #Oralité-et-Literacy, #Pratiques-communicatives