An organization’s ability to navigate uncertain conditions hinges on its members generating timely and productive responses to ongoing changes in their local task environments. Since less healthy employees are less productive, organizations stand to gain from fostering their physical and mental health. Little knowledge, however, exists as to whether and how an organizations’ internal control systems affect employee health. In the following the authors, therefore, shed light at this relation drawing on an empirical study with 179 employees. Results suggest that the design of control systems has an impact on employee health. This has important implications for ongoing theory-building efforts on the effects of organizations’ internal control systems and for business practice
CASARIN, V. et LINDER, S. (2023). Employee Health for Strategic Adaptation: The Role of Enabling and Constraining Performance Measurement. Dans: Torben J. Andersen (ed.). Responding to Uncertain Conditions: New Research on Strategic Adaptation. 1st ed. Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 91-105.