Companies implementing an IS/IT backsourcing strategy (i.e. bringing IT functions back in-house after they have been outsourced) aiming at increasing operational effectiveness may face several problems. In this paper, we develop a framework characterizing backsourcing as an organizational innovation. We offer a set of propositions on the adoption of a backsourcing strategy. This framework recognizes the role that social context and organizational action plan play in the adoption of IS/IT backsourcing. It serves to clarify why organizations backsource and to understand the antecedent of backsourcing, especially the outsourcing decision. Several hypotheses illustrate the backsourcing decision. The framework has value for both researchers and practitioners.
AKOKA, J. et COMYN-WATTIAU, I. (2006). Developing a Framework for Analyzing IS/IT Backsourcing. Dans: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the Association Information and Managemetn (AIM): Information Systems and Collaboration: State of the Art and Perspectives. GI-Edition, pp. 330-340.