For over a decade, and in spite of hesitations and indecision, European institutions have been interested in a corporate social model where CSR concepts are naturally valued. If Europe should become a worldwide leader on CSR issues, as it already can be on global warming, what should be done? Does the framework on CSR issues is pertinent? Article 116 of the New Business Regulations Act (“Loi sur les Nouvelles Regulations Economiques”) of 15th May 2001 requires all French incorporated companies to disclose social and environmental data in their annual reports. Since this Act has been implemented for 6 years, it is now possible to determine whether and how this Act had an impact on social progress. And to ask the question: Can the French model be exported within Europe or at least create a new dynamic (French presidency)?
DE BEAUFORT, V. (2008). Compliance with ESG Issues – NRE Act & Exportability of the French Experience. Dans: Making Capital Markets Work through Corporate Governance. World Council of Corporate Governance WCGC, pp. 19-32.