PACHE Anne-Claire, SIBIEUDE Thierry
Organizations with social purpose (humanitarian associations, insertion companies, institutions of microphone-finance, etc.) are confronted with very specific strategic and management issues, requiring their leaders to have the capacity to synergise a social mission and economic imperatives. • How do Doctors without borders manage to mobilize their resources? • How does the insertion company Count of Cana structure its governorship? • How does the Habitat and Humanism movement allow the cohabitation of voluntary and paid persons? • How does Planet Finance accompany the microfinance institutions to evaluate their social performance? • How did the association Unis-Cité come to choose French territory for development? Regularly used within the framework lesson of Social the Entrepreneuriat Pulpit of ESSEC, these 5 cases: • describe real situations which these companies encountered, • are presented via a complete description and appendices allowing a thorough comprehension of the company and its environment, • comprise teaching notes and lines of thinking. This handbook offers the possibility for teachers to very concretely accompany the students in their acquisition of competences in social entrepreneurship.
PACHE, A.C. et SIBIEUDE, T. (2011). Cas en Entrepreneuriat Social. Éditions Management et Société (EMS), 151 pages.