LI Yan, TAN C. H., TEO H.H.
Building on the theoretical underpinnings of Self-Determination Theory, this study seeks to identify the motivational factors influencing individuals’ intention and extent of Open Source Software (OSS) adoption. Two conceptual models were proposed to examine OSS adopters’ extent of adoption (based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation) and OSS non-adopters’ intention of adoption (based on amotivation). The two models were empirically assessed using survey data collected from 264 OSS adopters and 212 OSS non-adopters. Results show that strategy belief amotivation is the major factor for non-adopters not to use OSS and identified regulation is the major extrinsic motivation affecting the extent of adoption by adopters. However, intrinsic motivation to accomplish and capacity beliefs amotivation do not significantly affect adoption extent and adoption intention respectively. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.
LI, Y., TAN, C.H. et TEO, H.H. (2008). Open Source Software Adoption: An Investigation into Motivations and Amotivations of Users. Dans: 14th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2008) Proceedings. Association for Information Systems (AIS).
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