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Chapitres (2019), The European Dimension of Germany’s Energy Transition, Springer International Publishing (28), pp. 509-525

Energy Transition and Electromobility: A Review

LEPOUTRE Jan , Perez Yannick, Petit Marc

Nowadays electromobility is more and more becoming a cross-sectorial innovation. Electromobility is the convergence of technical innovations in battery technologies and charging systems, on Internet of things and finally on new business model developed by classical original equipment manufacturers and innovative newcomers. This developing phenomenon is really challenging for the ecosystem made of car manufacturers, electricity industry, local and national public actors dealing with clean energy transition. We review these challenges and highlight the most promising way of future researches in each of these dimensions for the EU actors. Lien vers l'article

LEPOUTRE, J., PEREZ, Y. and PETIT, M. (2019). Energy Transition and Electromobility: A Review. In: Erik Gawel, Sebastian Strunz, Paul Lehmann, Alexandra Purkus eds. The European Dimension of Germany’s Energy Transition. 1st ed. Springer International Publishing, pp. 509-525.

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