LAURENT Gilles, LAGEAT Thierry, CZELLAR Sandor
For the last twenty years, the perception of hedonic attributes has been a problematic matter in consumer research. We argue that the perception of a hedonic product attribute should not be considered as an irreducible holistic experience, but rather as a complex set of sensory experiences, the components of which are identifiable and quantifiable. We provide evidence for this position by proposing a reliable method linking the features of product-related sound stimuli to consumer perception of hedonic attributes. To our knowledge, this study is the first of its kind offering a detailed investigation of consumer perception of everyday sounds (as opposed to music). We discuss managerial and consumer-level implications of the findings and provide an agenda for future research.
LAGEAT, T., CZELLAR, S. et LAURENT, G. (2003). Engineering Hedonic Attributes to Generate Perceptions of Luxury: Consumer Perception of an Everyday Sound. Marketing Letters, 14(2), pp. 97-109.