GAUTIER Arthur, EYNAUD Philippe
The purpose of this paper is to understand the affirmation process of a collective identity in a community of nonprofit organizations. We focus here on music venues dealing with a context of music industry crisis and increased State pressure over the use of public subsidies. So as to gain legitimacy, these organizations – neither business nor government – have identified themselves as a “third force” in the field of popular music. Recently, a project of an innovative and collaborative information technology (IT) platform has emerged as a means to defend and foster this collective identity. The main contribution of this paper is to prove that conducting a business IT project has political and cultural implications, even in a field characterized by a low information systems (IS) subculture. However, in order to succeed, the process has to be led by mindful leaders who share an “organizing vision” and the discursive capacity to interest other community players to join in.
GAUTIER, A. et EYNAUD, P. (2009). When nonprofits rally to change public policies: an inter-organizational IT platform in the field of popular music. Dans: 25th EGOS Colloquium. Barcelone.