ALFANDARI Laurent, LJUBIC Ivana, DAVIDOVIC Tatjana, FURINI Fabio, MARAS Vladislav, MARTIN Sébastien
We consider Barge Container Ship Routing with empty container repositioning. We design new MIP formulations that outperfom state-of-the-art models. The new models exploit the line structure of inland waterway transportation by modeling routing with node variables, and consider either node or arc variables for empty containers. The second formulation reveals to be the most efficient one, especially for unsplittable demands. We also optimize the turnaround time or size of the fleet.
ALFANDARI, L., DAVIDOVIC, T., FURINI, F., LJUBIC, I., MARAS, V. et MARTIN, S. (2019). Tighter MIP models for Barge Container Ship Routing. Omega, 82, pp. 38-54.