This paper analyzes idea work in haute cuisine through three case studies. Mobilizing Bourdieu’s praxeology, we consider idea work as a practice, an activity that takes sense and meaning in the social world. Thus, idea work reflects the position of the agent in the field and the struggles to maintain or improve this position. In grand restaurants, the chefs play a key role in idea work, even if they involve other people. Idea work is rooted in their personal experience, but is also shaped by the restaurant’ style and haute cuisine rules. Idea work relates to chefs’ reflection as well as emotions and feelings.
GOMEZ, M.L. et BOUTY, I. (2009). The Social Dimensions of Idea Work in Haute Cuisine: a Bourdieusian Perspective. Dans: Proceedings of the 25th Egos Colloquium. ESADE Business School.