CERDIN Jean-Luc, LIAO Yuan, SHARMA Kushal
In this paper, we study employability in the group of talented employees. We explore how employees’ temporal focus affects their dispositional employability and how dispositional employability influences their perceived internal career prospects. We also examine the moderating role of training perceived as developmental on the relationship between dispositional employability and perceived internal career prospects. Upon examination of these relationships within an organization that has a closed talent management approach, we find support for the hypothesized mediating and moderating relationships. Present and future focus were positively related to talents’ dispositional employability, which in turn increased their perception of career prospects in the current company. The latter relationship was stronger among talents who perceived that they had received training for more important positions than those who did not. The results advanced current knowledge of antecedents and outcomes of employability in the specific group of talents and shed light on the organizational practices that may help with talent retention.
CERDIN, J.L., LIAO, Y. et SHARMA, K. (2020). The Role of Temporal Focus, Dispositional Employability, and Training on the Perceived Internal Career Prospects of Talents. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31(9), pp. 1106-1133.