The Nature of Goods and the Goods of Nature is a voyage into the realm of the economist and the fascinating way in which they view the world. With striking pragmatism, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut takes a cornerstone of economic thinking ― the nature of goods ― which, once understood, provides the reader with a lens that demolishes the argument for anti-globalisation. Journeying through the eyes of a visitor to a bookshop who happens to find an unused train ticket tucked into the end pages of a story, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut and Tom Gamble unfold a voyage of awareness that links our everyday experiences with the economic theory of the nature of goods to the goods of nature ― human nature, social nature, and the environment ― that are essential for all of us in our quest for happiness and prosperity.
SANTACREU VASUT, E. et GAMBLE, T. (2018). The Nature of Goods and the Goods of Nature. Why Anti-Globalisation Is Not the Answer. Societas, 150 pages.