The UN Sustainable Development Goals, an increasing interest in Environmental, Social and Governance factors, and the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have triggered a massive change in how companies and employees view their relationship, the role and meaning of work, and how to adapt to new environments and ways of working. This book covers a key topic for companies and management practice – that of how to create and foster a committed workforce in a post-pandemic era that has seen a radical change in working environments, approaches and employee understanding of her/his career and work-life balance. In this book, leading researchers and practitioners in the field of CSR, management, leadership, and human resources from the schools and corporate partners of the Council on Business & Society provide the latest focuses on the workplace post-pandemic, effectively managing virtual teams, collective and responsible leadership, and insights into policies and processes enhancing employee commitment and performance. Each insight is accompanied by key takeaways, food for thought and further reading, and later followed by micro-case studies. This accessible book will be a valuable resource for scholars, instructors and upper-level students across leadership and human resource management-related disciplines, enabling them to synthesise the knowledge presented for their own context (professional, academic, personal, wider society, and the planet).
ZICARI, A. et GAMBLE, T. [Eds] (2023). The Employee and the Post-Pandemic Workplace: Towards a New, Enlightened Working Environment. 1st ed. London, New York: Routledge.