PORDOMINGO Eduardo Raul, ZICARI Adrian
A leading luxury retail firm in France struggles with the definition of its strategy. During the end-of-year Board meeting, each of the managers proposes a different choice for a strategy. While all those possibilities are sound, it is clear that they cannot be pursued at the same time. Consequently, the company has to make a decision. After having listened to all senior managers, the CEO invites managers to come up with a Strategy Map and the consequent Balanced Scorecard. By this doing, the Board is now able to explore each of the different paths, and make a more substantiated decision on the company’s strategy. The case illustrates the use of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for crafting a company strategy, particularly in the context of different viewpoints among managers.
PORDOMINGO, E.R. et ZICARI, A. (2018). The Connquert Case: The Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Strategy. ESSEC Business School.