GOMEZ Marie-Léandre, BOUTY Isabelle, CHIA R.
We draw from the practice turn in social theory to examine this question, and adopt a perspective of strategizing as wayfinding that emphasizes local purposive action, habitus, and thethe significance of small changes and their unintended consequences and that can actually result in the emergence of a coherent strategy. We empirically investigate the case of a high-end gourmet restaurant in the highly structured field of Haute Cuisine, examining their everyday practical coping actions taken and ongoing improvisations made, and analyze them in relation to the individuals concerned, their professionally-socialized selves, the unique set of organizational circumstances they faced, and the institutional and environmental demands placedut upon them.
GOMEZ, M.L., BOUTY, I. et CHIA, R. (2019). Strategy Emergence as Wayfinding. M@n@gement, 22(3), pp. 438-465.