Continental philosophy has yet to grapple seriously with human sexuality. The discipline of gender studies has not bridged this gap. Studies are inevitably emerging which aim to counterbalance the archaic male domination of the female. These studies are, however, insufficient in helping us understand the archaic origin of human sexuality and the role it plays in shaping us. The topic Sexuality and Globalization is a tentative approach to related issues. The main obstacle may be traced back to Renaissance humanism, whose core intention was to take control of “nature” on the basis of a unilateral and universal virility, preventing a genuine dialogue between the feminine and the masculine. This book aims to facilitate an understanding of the stakes of human sexuality, particularly by revisiting our understanding of Western Jewish and Greek roots.
BIBARD, L. (2014). Sexuality and Globalization (English Translation of “Sexualité et mondialisation”). Palgrave Macmillan, 101 pages.