This paper presents a comprehensive framework for the conceptualization phase of relational database reverse engineering. Starting from a de-optimized 3NF relational scheme, our approach generates an Extended Entity Relationship scheme. To extract the conceptual scheme, the framework exploits the Data Definition Language specifications, the Data Manipulation Language specifications and the database extension. Reverse engineering rules are provided through a systematic mapping of a relational database meta-model to a conceptual meta-model. Rules are defined through the application of heuristics. The rules are triggered at three levels of investigation: suspicion, reinforcement and confirmation. Our conceptualization framework has been applied to several fairly complex case – studies and proved to be robust and efficient.
COMYN-WATTIAU, I. et AKOKA, J. (1999). Relational Database Reverse Engineering. Ingenierie des Systemes D’Information, pp. 345-378.