This article describes the detailed process of redesigning and implementing the human resources (HR) function at Lafarge. The article argues that a well articulated and integrated approach of (1) recruitment, selection, and induction, (2) retraining and redeployment, (3) performance appraisal system, (4) compensation and reward mechanism, and (5) rightsizing is required to be aligned with the overall business strategy of the organization. It also reinforces that the foundation of a value-added HR function is a business strategy that relies on people as a source of competitive advantage. Key challenges for Lafarge in the future include (1) maintaining the change momentum, (2) fast and effective integration of acquired companies and transfer of “best practices”, and (3) attracting and retaining a diverse workforce through their internationalization
SOM, A. (2003). Redisigning the Human Resources Function at Lafarge. Human Resource Management, pp. 271-288.