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This paper presents the “humanist” enterprise as a challenge to economic law. In the light of the work of Claude Champaud, who defended a humanist conception of the company, this paper distinguishes the different dimensions of an economic law at the service of a humanist entreprise (protection of the stakeholders, promotion of the men and women working in the company or object of its activity, self-realization within the framework of the creation, the animation and the direction of a company) and underlines the originality and the topicality of Claude Champaud’s thought on this subject, in a liberal perspective which intends to break resolutely with the Friedmannian conception of the firm.
BOUTHINON-DUMAS, H. (2022). Qu’est-ce qu’une entreprise humaniste ? Dans: L’héritage des professeurs Champaud et Remiche : Une doctrine sociale de l’entreprise en Afrique et en Europe (AIDE & INEADEC & UL). Abidjan.