This research tries to highlight a link between, on the one hand, the relative equipment in resources of an organization at a given level of activity (organisational slack) and, on the other hand, its capacity to innovate in the technological field as well as in the organisational field. Through an empirical study relating to 203 French public hospitals for the period 1989-1997, this research establishes, on the one hand, a link between the organisational slack and innovativity (relative capacity of innovation of an organization), on the other hand, a relation between the nature of the organisational slack (absorptive – human resources and techniques vs not absorbed – financial resources) and innovativity, finally between the organisational slack and the innovations type (technological vs organisational) implemented by the hospitals.
BOURGEON, L. et DEMIL, B. (2003). Opulence et innovation dans les organisations. Dans: Savoir gérer. Mélanges en l’honneur de Jean-Claude Tarondeau. 1st ed. Vuibert, pp. 31-47.