Michael Kors is a global luxury lifestyle brand which conveys a jet-set aesthetic by combining elements of style, elegance and sport. Although the company offers a wide range of products to women and also to men, it is primarily known for its high quality handbags at yet affordable prices. This case discusses the positioning of Michael Kors within the luxury industry as well as the brand’s future development. More specifically, it addresses the following questions:
  1. Which global expansion pattern did Michael Kors follow over time and how is the brand positioned in today’s luxury industry?
  2. How did Michael Kors become such a powerful brand and what makes the brand distinctive from its competitors? Which role does Michael Kors as a person play in the evolution of the brand?
  3. What are the key aspects of Michael Kors as an American brand to succeed as a luxury brand? Which role did the state play in this evolution?
  4. How can Michael Kors succeed in the future?

SOM, A. (2017). Michael Kors: Victim of its own success? ESSEC Business School.