SOM Ashok, ASAKAWA Kazuhiro
There has been an increasing trend of foreign firms launching their R&D operations in North East Asia. In spite of such growing trend of foreign R&D investment in Asia, academic research in this field has largely remained within the domain of Western (and Japanese) MNCs. It is only recently that the interest in R&D investment in North East Asia has grown. We investigate the degree to which opportunities and challenges are different in R&D investment in North East Asia from those of the Western counterparts. We focus on the uniqueness of North East Asia as the host countries of R&D localization.
ASAKAWA, K. et SOM, A. (2007). Managing Overseas R&D in Northeast Asia : Conventional Wisdom and Emerging Trends. Dans: R&D Interplay in Northeast Asia. 1st ed. Samsung Economic Research Institute, pp. 45-71.