BIBARD Laurent, SABOURET Nicolas
The authors of this book start from a clear observation: there is no problem with artificial intelligence, there is only the problem of our expectations with regard to what we ourselves have created. The book therefore studies a decisive current societal issue: our relationship to technology. Led by two voices, it questions our vision of artificial intelligence as a technology. It presents the interest of the double lighting of philosophy and computer science. The computer scientist knows what the machine does or does not do. The philosopher questions, through his deliberately “naive” position vis-à-vis technology, the meaning and relevance of the uses we make of it on all levels: personal, economic, commercial, social, political, etc. These exchanges show that, if there is a subject, it is not so much related to the technologies themselves, but rather to the uses we make of them, to what we expect from them and what we dream of.
BIBARD, L. et SABOURET, N. (2023). L’intelligence artificielle n’est pas une question technologique. La Tour d’Aigues: Éditions de l’Aube.