As regard to the issue of instruments, Karl E. Weick provides us with a remarkable critical thought. He enables us to get some critical distance with the decision-based paradigm of organizations and with the notion of shared representation. He stresses sensemaking and opens the way to a semiotic approach of instruments as keys elements of interpretation and the production of meaning. However, to overcome the limits of his research on this issue and to fully exploit the “sensemaking” concept, it is probably necessary to analyze individual and collective activity and the situated use of instruments. In that way, we can free the “sensemaking” concept from the cognitivist concept of “representation”, integrate thought and action without any sequential approach, and reunify cognition and emotion in an abductive approach of learning.
LORINO, P. (2006). Les instruments, présence fantomatique dans l’oeuvre de Karl E. Weick. Dans: Les défis du sensemaking en entreprise. 1st ed. Economica, pp. 51-73.