Conference Proceedings

L’entreprise à la carte : une innovation pour fidéliser

This research relates to various choices offered to employees. The companies set up a new organization making it possible to answer the needs and requests of each employee in the logic of “cafeteria company”. We empirically study the influence of various choices on three facets of the fidelity of employees towards their company: intention to quit, affective commitment and absenteeism. The results highlight the role of various choices on the loyalty of the employees.
CERDIN, J.L., COLLE, R. et PERETTI, J.M. (2003). L’entreprise à la carte : une innovation pour fidéliser. Dans: Actes du 14ème Congrès AGRH – GRH : Innovons ! Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (AGRH), pp. 577-600.