Recent studies show that there is indeed a “gendered” approach (most often built by compensating for the minority complex (S. Moscovici) and which carries virtuous consequences on a collective and long-term approach to an activity. The compensation of the impostor complex structures an approach by the expertise (analysis of the files transversal and multidimensional in depth) Moreover the relation with the power being less egotistical encourages a more collective exercise: “Potentia” or “power of do ” – ” Potestas “or” power over.”Similarly, the development of the meaning of MEDIATION and a strong sensitivity to injustice so the respect of the rules and the ETHIQUE to develop the activity in this sector in a more sustainable and responsible approach.
DE BEAUFORT, V. (2018). La gouvernance dans le tourismedevra t-elle etre davantage féminie pour être éthique ? Dans: 3rd Edition of the International Tourism Talks of the Future (Entretiens Internationaux du Tourisme du Futur, EITF).