ENDENICH Christoph, BRANDAU Michael, UFER Heinz-Werner, NEUGEBAUER Sylwia
Germany International Comparative Controlling International Controlling Poland Following the eastward enlargement of the European Union, German companies are becoming increasingly active in Poland. In this context, the question arises as to how well their own management structures function in Poland. As a central component of corporate management, this applies not least to controlling. The extent to which German controlling can be applied in Poland and how it must be adapted to the local environment is investigated in this article with the help of expert interviews. The study shows that Polish controlling is undergoing a rapid transformation to modern management support, with historical as well as competitive and cost-related challenges. The results show that German controlling structures need to be adapted to the local environment in the context of cross-border business.
BRANDAU, M., ENDENICH, C., UFER, H.W. et NEUGEBAUER, S. (2010). International Vergleichendes Controlling – Empirische Ergebnisse zu Deutschland und Polen. Controlling, 22(10), pp. 573-578.