This book is the culmination of a research project that I have undertaken during the formulation of the course titled “Managing the Global Corporation”. The research has led to completion of business cases of European multi-nationals like Alstom, AF-KLM, Arcelor-Mittal, Canal +, Carrefour, Lafarge, LVMH, L’Oreal, Renault, Vodafone, Saint Gobain, Sanofi Synthelabo-Aventis, Vodafone. The text book would integrate theory of the multinational firm and how to manage global corporations taking examples and cases of the above mentioned European firms. The output of the study will lead to discuss the specificities of European business environment (for example building of national champions) and also uncovering some of the best practices these firms have implemented to make them able to respond effectively to the growing global challenges. The book would also throw light on the patterns of successful transformations that run across different European organizations for sustainable competitive advantage.
SOM, A. (2009). International Management: Managing the Global Corporation. McGraw-Hill, 609 pages.