Business intelligence and legal strategies are two different new factors of competitiveness for companies. Business intelligence refers to information management techniques implemented by intelligence and influence specialists to enable companies to protect their intangible assets, thwart theirs threats and risks and influence the institutional and media environment in their favour. Legal strategies consist of exploiting legal and procedural techniques in order to gain an advantage in terms of economic performance. There is a convergence of these two universes as it becomes clearer that these two approaches share a common conception of strategies based on the instrumentalisation of information and legal instruments and that these two approaches have to be combined to increase their effectiveness. – 87 – Revue Interdisciplinaire Droit et Organisations-RIDO n°4 “Legal intelligence” appears as a possible outcome of this convergence between business intelligence and legal strategies or « Law & Management ».
BOUTHINON-DUMAS, H. (2022). Intelligence économique et stratégies juridiques. Revue Interdisciplinaire Droit et Organisations (RIDO), 2022(4), pp. 87-107.