KARAPETYAN Artashes, Kvaerner Jens Soerlie, Rohrer Maximilian
We estimate the willingness-to-pay to bypass a loan-to-value (LTV) cap. Our identification relies on exogenous variation in debt exempt from the LTV regulation that can only be used as a substitute for a personal mortgage. Our baseline estimate reveals that homebuyers pay 7.3 Swedish Kroner (SEK) to avoid 1 SEK of equity down payment. The supply of debt not part of the LTV calculation increased by approximately 50% within 2 years after the LTV regulation. Financially weaker households drive the results.
KARAPETYAN, A., KVAERNER, J.S. et ROHRER, M. (2024). Inefficient Regulation: Mortgages versus Total Credit. Review of Finance (ex European Finance Review), 28(1), pp. 311-351.