PUYOU DE POUVOURVILLE Gérard, Guyot E., Farge G., Belhassen M., Bérard M., Jacoud F., Bensimon L., Baldauf J.J.
The French cancer control strategy 2021–2030 aims to achieve 80 % human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination coverage. Since 2021, HPV vaccination is also recommended for boys aged 11–14 years, with a catch-up vaccination recommended for unvaccinated adolescents aged ≤19 years. The PAPILLON study used claims data to monitor the evolution of HPV Vaccination Coverage Rate (VCR) in the French population.
PUYOU DE POUVOURVILLE, G., GUYOT, E., FARGE, G., BELHASSEN, M., BÉRARD, M., JACOUD, F. … BALDAUF, J.J. (2024). Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination coverage among French adolescents: A claims data study. Vaccine, In press.