Under the pressure of changes in commercial and industrial strategies, the logistical approach in companies is changing radically. These change are focused on five major avenues : systematically taking into account the role of logistics service producer, control of the flow of information so as to better manage physical flows, broadening flow management to counterflows, use of just-in-time logistics system design tool, and lastly, intense use of logistics services operators. This presentation seeks to understand the reasons for these changes in logistics and to explore each one of these federating avenues in the development of logistical lines of business. We will explore in deep, the case of the fast moving product and the case of e-business activities.
DORNIER, P.P. (2001). How Logistics is Going to Change: The Case of Large Consumer Goods and e-business in Europe. Dans: Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Logistics 2001. International Centre for Innovation and Industrial Logistics (ICIIL), pp. 5-16.