The question of the spread of practice has risen from two different perspectives in organization studies literature: the practice-based approach, with very local and micro perspective of practice and the neo-institutional perspective. In an attempt to reconcile both streams and to better understand how a local practice can spread, we suggest that we should go use a framework that has been widely mobilized by both perspectives: Bourdieu’s framework on field, habitus and practice. This framework, conceived as a system to understand practice in a dynamic way, may help us to comprehend the relation between individuals, organizations and institutions. We propose to use this framework to understand how a change in local practice lead to more global changes in Haute Cuisine.
GOMEZ, M.L. et BOUTY, I. (2006). From Chef’s Practice to Global Change in Haute Cuisine. Dans: Proceedings of the 22nd EGOS Colloquium: The Organizing Society. University of Bergen.