In March 2016, while Sodexo Energy & Resources (“Sodexo E&R”) was celebrating the signature of a historic contract, the Senior Vice President Marketing (“SVP Marketing”) for Sodexo’s E&R Global Division realized that it was only the first step of a tumultuous road. This contract rewarded a sustained and shared effort from Sodexo’s and Rio Tinto’s staffs. The major issue at stake was to cope with Rio Tinto’s demanding expectations following the crisis it was undergoing. But in order to fulfill its substantial commitments, Sodexo had to adapt swiftly its business model. To do so, SVP Marketing knew that Sodexo would need external help to develop new skills.
PAVIE, X. (2016). From All-Inclusive to User-Pay through Design Thinking: The case of Sodexo Energy & Resources in Australia. ESSEC Business School.